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And more about Vitamin D: a real Jack of all trades for our body.

# Micronutrients | 9. October 2015

Not only plants gain their vital energy from sunlight, but we also need the “sun vitamin” for our life and a healthy body. It works like this: due to the radiation of the sun on our skin, a precursor of vitamin D is formed, provitamin D. Through our body temperature, it is then converted into vitamin D (cholecalciferol). In various processes in the liver, kidney and many other tissues and organs of the body, this cholecalciferol is converted into its active, effective form of calcitriol. And because these processes occur precisely in so many places in the body, the effects are also very diverse: on bone mineralisation, the cardiovascular system, immune system, nerve function, cell division and more.

Amazing what vitamin D causes in the body, here’s a little compilation:

Prevention begins in the womb: Vitamin D supports a woman’s fertility, makes for a good pregnancy and an easier birth. To be considered in particular – the sperm quality and mobility is improved.

Healthy bones: in order to optimally absorb the calcium from our diet for our bones, we need vitamin D, otherwise the bones become fragile. Vitamin D also inhibits the hormonally controlled bone loss and strengthens muscles.

Allergic diseases: Vitamin D increases the production of substances in the body, acting anti allergic and anti-inflammatory. So, watch out for a good supply of Vitamin D for hay fever, allergies, dermatitis, bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Heart attack and stroke: if there is not enough vitamin D in the body, a hormone is produced, which inflicts a lot of damage on the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that vitamin D lowers blood pressure, stops the formation of atherosclerosis and increases the efficiency of the heart.

Diabetes mellitus: Vitamin D is important for the distribution and utilization of insulin and ensures that the sugar and fat metabolisms work smoothly. The risk of developing diabetes type 1 or 2 decreases when the body has enough vitamin D available!

Multiple Sclerosis: Studies have shown that this inflammatory autoimmune disease occurs more frequently the farther you live from the equator. Vitamin D can namely suppress the inflammatory immune cells. It pays to let the doctor check your vitamin D level.

Inflammatory bowel disease: if the bowel is inflamed, enough vitamin D cannot be absorbed. Here a sufficient amount of vitamin D reduces inflammation, builds on the intestinal flora and improves intestinal health.

Cancer: a very low level of vitamin D in the blood increases the risk of developing various cancers. However, it cannot only prevent but also positively influences the outcome in cancer therapy, because the active vitamin D suppresses the growth of the tumour and reduces the risk of metastasis.

Colds: Vitamin D increases the production of endogenous antibiotics and thus combats the cold viruses!

So it is very important to have enough vitamin D in the body. There are a very large number of studies showing that the supply of vitamin D is inadequate in much of the population! Your vitamin D status can be determined by the doctor or you can get a self-test at the pharmacy. So, the acute need to compensate for a defect and the long-term need can be determined. There is a suitable product for everyone.

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