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Umckaloabo: unpronounceable but helpful.

# Special offers | 15. October 2015

It is autumn and it is becoming increasingly colder. A simple cold could easily develop into acute bronchitis. A cough is not always harmless. Left untreated, every second person on average coughs for three weeks, especially in the evening and at night! Without treatment, acute bronchitis turns into chronic bronchitis or even bacterial pneumonia, which may even need to be treated with antibiotics.
If that’s so, the roots of a plant can help – the purple flowering Cape Pelargonium (Pelargonium sidoides), a geranium, which is found only in a limited area in South Africa. There are more than 300 different types of geraniums there.
In  Umckaloabo, the  roots are processed from ecologically certified plantations, harvested, picked and washed by hand. This method is especially easy on the product and secures stable jobs in the area. In Germany, the roots are then gently processed further into a special extract.
By the way, it was discovered for us by an Englishman: Charles Henry Stevens had a lung disease and travelled on the advice of his doctor to South Africa in 1897. There he learned from a plant expert from the Zulu Basuto-land, that the boiled brew of the South African Cape Pelargonium had been used for centuries to treat various infections. Upon his return home,  Charles Henry Stevens introduced the Cape Pelargonium to European medicine. Only more than 100 years later, medical scientists were the first to uncover its effect.
Umckaloabo is available from us at the pharmacy. We are happy to help!
Obligatory text: Umckaloabo solution:
Umckaloabo® is a registered trademark Reg.-Nr .: 644 318
Umckaloabo®. 8 g / 10 g of liquid. For adults and children over 1 year. Active ingredient: Pelargonium sidoides root extract. Therapeutic indications: acute bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi). Contains 12 Vol .-{47dfc70c9bf48e08186491bbb51bc8e4c7dc2b777549e2e8cf46bf184b8c6302} alcohol. For risks and side effects read the patient information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. ISO drug Ettlingen.

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