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Burning nettles!

# Natural healing | 22. May 2017

As Thursday is devoted to the Germanic god Thor, so also is the stinging nettle. Thor stands for the symbol of fertility and thunderstorms. Like a flash of lightning, the nettle scorches and burns. Everyone who touches them knows this. This burning is quite healthy for our bodies, people knew that before and treated gout and rheumatism with nettles. Nowadays this is known as Urtica dioica (Lat. large stinging nettle). The skin irritation is a medical method of initiating blood circulation and can be used in rheumatic pain, arthritis, sciatica, and ailments in the lumbar region. For this, there is nettle spirit or fresh nettles which are covered 1 x daily for 3 consecutive days on the painful areas, then 2-3 days break etc. The resulting blisters on the skin are healing.

These kind of blisters are also known with allergic skin reactions, which is also called urticaria. Here the body reacts with blisters when it feels an alien substance. The allergic reaction is associated with histamine, a tissue hormone which can cause reddening, swelling, itching or pain on the skin, e.g. when we are stung by insects or too get much sun our skin becomes irritated. In this case, the nettles are used wonderfully in a gel from Weleda, where, together with arnica, it is cooling, soothing and decongestant. (Combudoron®). Histamine is paradoxically also found in nettles. Here, however, it has a healing and allergic reducing effect.

Nettles are known as a great healer. So there are many other ways of using the “Burning”. When chemically examined, it is found that it contains a great deal of iron, but also calcium, potassium, silicic acid, and chlorophyll. Iron is very good for our bodies and helps us with iron deficiency and anaemia. But also in exhaustion and fatigue, e.g. after a cold can occur, we would do well with nettles because we have used up a lot of iron.

A nettle cure with (fresh) nettle tea in spring helps to eliminate toxic substances from the body. The blood undergoes a cleansing, which can be beneficial to the skin. Eczema can heal, pimples and “bad” skin can improve. The spleen is strongly stimulated and relieved by such a cure, which can show itself with a better functioning immune system.

But that’s not all. Nettles provide a powerful stimulus to the metabolism and mobilize urea that has settled in the tissue. Subsequently, the v.a. for rheumatics and gout patients are rinsed from the body via the kidneys and the discharging urine organs. Detoxification and cleansing on a grand scale!

If we consider the medicinal plant in relation to the ancient mythology, it is assigned to the war god Mars. This stood not only for bloody battles (with iron), but also for potency and fiery love by his pronounced masculinity. This shows a connection with the organs in the abdomen, such asthe kidneys, bladder and prostate. An “excessive” manhood can be supported by the power of the nettle root. It can restore the normal prostate gland to a normal condition. By the way, the plant was already used in ancient times for “glandular swelling”. Then the question arises which glands could still be applied to this medicinal plant? Thyroid gland, pancreas, parotid gland (enlarged in mumps), sex glands, and the liver. Since nettles are also part of traditional tea mixtures in diabetes, the positive effect on the pancreas that produces the insulin seems to be right.

The list could be continued. One thing is certain: nettles stand for vitality and life. They can be used in a variety of ways: as tea, fresh plant juice (eg from Schoenenberger), externally, as (urine) tincture, homeopathic complex or tablet form …

We are happy to advise you on the selection. All the best for your health, Steffi Full, naturopath and pharmaceutical-technical assistant.

Picture: www.flickr.com/Lutz Blohm

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