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Omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy

# Micronutrients | 22. August 2018

If the child is clever, the parents are happy, right? Nevertheless, only 42{47dfc70c9bf48e08186491bbb51bc8e4c7dc2b777549e2e8cf46bf184b8c6302} of pregnant women use products with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), but more than a quarter take iodine and magnesium, and Folic acid is even more than 86{47dfc70c9bf48e08186491bbb51bc8e4c7dc2b777549e2e8cf46bf184b8c6302}! Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for the brain development of the embryo in the womb, it strengthens eyes and eyesight and makes the brain fit for life. Studies show that the intake of DHA also has a favourable effect on the subsequent social behaviour of the child, and also benefits the mother because the risk of suffering from depression after childbirth decreases.

Unfortunately, what you want and what you do are two entirely different things when it comes to the omega-3 fatty acids. Very few people manage to eat fish several times a week. Yet, the foundations are laid for the child’s health during pregnancy. From the third trimester of pregnancy, the brain is in fact developing intensely and the cell blocks for vision are needed. Studies show that there is a clear link between the content of DHA in the mother’s body and the child’s performance: are there enough of them, they have fine motor skills, can focus more, communicate better and are also more sociable! Even women who have a risk of a problem pregnancy, benefit from DHA: the babies are born less premature and have more weight at birth.

Conclusion: Not only Folic acid and iodine are important before and during pregnancy, it is absolutely recommended to take DHA! Whoever does not eat fish, should take DHA either as capsules or in liquid form. It is not easy to find the right product. We’re here to help.

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