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New: vegan vitamin D from Pure

# Tips | 27. December 2016

An insufficient supply of Vitamin D has been observed in many countries in Europe in all age groups, even though the”sun vitamin” can be formed by the human organism itself by direct exposure to the sun. The extent of body-borne vitamin D synthesis is influenced by many factors and also decreases with age. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your vitamin D levels. Since high-quality vitamin D sources can be supplied through food, primarily that of animal origin, and the content of vitamin D2 in plants is too low, a sufficient supply via a purely vegetable diet cannot be guaranteed. Vitamin D2 liquid, the plant version of the sun vitamin, contains 1000 I.E. Vitamin D per drop and is derived from sugar cane via a fermentation process. Our Vitamin D2 in drop form is therefore 100{47dfc70c9bf48e08186491bbb51bc8e4c7dc2b777549e2e8cf46bf184b8c6302} vegan, kosher and thanks to its pipette, is easy to use. Hypo-allergenic neutral oil (medium-chain triglycerides) serves as a carrier oil. The sun vitamin from fermented sugar cane supports the immune system and is also involved in our general well-being.

Available for 29,95 €

Original text from https://www.purecaps.net/de/produkte/vitamin-d2-liquid-VD2LA

Online-Shop is coming soon


Online-Shop is coming soon