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Nasal rinsing – as important as brushing your teeth

# Tips | 11. December 2015

If your nose tickles or you have a runny nose, you can often contain or prevent the spread of a cold by nasal rinsing. It is best to use a natural salt like Emser salt, which has many minerals. It supports the self-cleaning of the nasal mucous membranes and actively dissolves mucus. Just as you brush your teeth daily, you should rinse your nose once or twice daily in times of increased risk of infection or exposure.

Here nasal rinsing is especially recommended for:

Prevention of colds
Acute common cold illnesses (rhinitis)
Chronic nasal and sinus infections
Pollen and house dust allergies
Dry nose
Heavy dust and dirt
Tendency to snore for catarrhal reasons
Accelerating the healing process after endonasal surgery.

On how to really apply the nasal douche see www.emser.de

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Online-Shop is coming soon