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Avoid the New Year’s hangover.

# Tips | 28. December 2016

Soon New Year’s Eve will be celebrated exuberantly across the world. Whoever has one too many, usually wakes up with nausea and a sore head. Alcohol affects not only our mood and motor skills, it also deprives the body of fluids and minerals. This deficiency causes sufferers to feel tired and exhausted. A general feeling of unwell, dizziness and a splitting headache is often the result.

Alcohol is a true magnesium robber because the mineral is consumed with its breakdown in the body. It is therefore necessary to restore the lost magnesium again after intensive alcohol consumption. Particularly suitable is the readily available magnesium citrate or glycinate which is easily dissolved, at the same time the lack of fluid is replaced.

Whoever would like to make provisions can start with eating appropriate foods before the New Year’s party.  Whole grains, fruits and nuts are particularly rich in magnesium.  Foods with a high fat content are often recommended as a good foundation. Fats and proteins help slow alcohol absorption and help settle your stomach. Carbs keep your blood sugar in check. However, this could mean that you soon feel tired and sluggish. It is better to have a warm meal with pasta, rice or potatoes and vegetables. Stay hydrated. Switching between an alcoholic drink and a glass of water can help reduce the hangover to come by providing some time for your liver to recover.

Those of you who wake up in the morning with a headache, should not indiscriminately take tablets. For example, paracetamol is intensified by heavy drinking and can cause extreme damage to the liver. Ibuprofen is more suitable, but of course, you should check with your pharmacist first before just taking anything to cure your hangover.

A particular “bitter pill”: whoever is on medication should avoid all consumption of alcoholic beverages. Certain antibiotics, as well as heart drugs, slow the breakdown of alcohol in the body. They work a lot stronger and can quickly lead to nausea and headaches. On the other hand, alcohol may slow down or alter the breakdown of many drugs, like drink and tobacco, they are eliminated via the liver. If a drug stays longer in the blood, it just does not have its effects, but also its side effects too. If you have any questions, then come to us, so that the New Year’s Eve party goes well in every way!

We wish you all a very healthy and Happy New Year!

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