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Pomegranates are delicious and have an antioxidant effect

# Natural healing | 4. May 2017

The pomegranate tree originally comes from Asia, but is cultivated nowadays in the Mediterranean region. There, pomegranates are eaten as a fruit or drunk as a pressed juice. In Armenia and Israel, there is a pomegranate wine, in India it is used as a spice. In Europe it is often used for salads, game dishes or desserts.

Several studies have confirmed the positive effects of pomegranates on our health. The intake of polyphenols has been shown to have health-promoting and disease-preventive effects. Pomegranate polyphenols are absorbed well by the body and show effects in cancer, against inflammation and thrombosis. The immune system is also strengthened and the body is protected from oxidative damage. So why not include pomegranates in your food program: try a breakfast cereal with pomegranate kernels, which can also be prepared the day before: www.natuerlichschmeckts.com Of course, there is also pomegranate extract or pomegranate juice available.

Photo: flickr.com/Jorbosa Fotografie

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