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For an acid-base balance: balance powder with zinc.

# Special offers | 21. October 2015

Our body has a buffer system which maintains the pH in the blood at a constant level. However, our lifestyles and eating habits and hectic everyday life can overwhelm the system, which may lead to a “surplus” of acid. Pay attention to a varied and balanced diet, reduce the amount of meat, fat and sugar, preferring alkaline-forming foods, such as wholemeal products, brown rice, nuts (except peanuts!), millet, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, ripe fruit, herbal and green tea as well as mineral water.

The Acid-Base-Balance Powder Plus from Pure (Basenpulver Plus) contains a mixture of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc as organically bound mineral salts, which are particularly well absorbed by the body and are easily digestible. The trace element zinc is important because it is part of an enzyme that is essential for a normal acid-base balance. Dissolve 1 measuring spoonful in a glass of water and drink before or after a meal (60 min.).

Good to know
: The acid-base powder is, like all products from Pure, free from artificial flavours and dyes. For the past 20 years, Pure has been producing high-quality pure substances free from allergy causing ingredients.

Our offer: 200 g for € 16.90

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Online-Shop is coming soon