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Relieve your body

# Natural healing | 9. May 2016

At last we can enjoy fine weather! And so it is time to bring our bodies back on track again by stimulating our metabolism. Even without hibernating, our metabolism sinks during the winter season; we are less active and are inclined to sleep more.

At the beginning of spring, we often feel very tired and exhausted. The problem is that we also take in a variety of substances during the sluggish season which our body can not do anything about – for example, toxic substances in our food and in the air. These must be eliminated as soon as possible. For this we need a well-functioning metabolism.

Stimulating your metabolism – how does it work?

  1. The liver is the central organ of the body for filtering and detoxification, it is responsible for  eliminating many medicines and toxins.
  2. The lymphatic system permeates the body with its vessels and ensures that deposits are removed from the tissue.
  3. The kidneys and urinary tract filter and eliminate all waste substances and toxins to purify the blood.

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  • Lymphdiaral base drops SL: help with respiratory infections
  • Juniperus Similiaplex R: promotes the formation of urine and supports the kidneys
  • Quassia Similiaplex R: helps with digestion and supports the liver

What else:

Get out and about as much as possible in the fresh air and in daylight! Consume more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains! Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.

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Online-Shop is coming soon