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Turmeric root is much more than a spice!

# Tips | 8. March 2018

Turmeric is also called yellow root or Indian saffron. The Latin name is curcuma longa. The turmeric plant comes from India or from south-east Asia, and is closely related to the ginger plant, alpinia and …

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immunLoges® mobilizes the immune system

# Tips | 3. March 2018

The current flu epidemic, acute or chronic illness as well as stressful phases – there are a variety of situations that require an improvement in the immune status. A low immune status leads to a …

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Tips for the common cold.

# Tips | 5. October 2017

It is pretty cold outside and winter is the season of sniffles. Furthermore, our immune system is still untrained and on “summer mode”. Also, there are so many colds going around that we suddenly get …

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Looking good with skin problems

# Tips | 27. April 2017

Good looks are normally extremely important in life. Make-up is therefore a matter of course for many women. It covers skin irritations, makes the complexion fresh and contributes to a healthy self-awareness. Frequently, however, women …

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Online-Shop is coming soon


Online-Shop is coming soon