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A pure capsule for our well-being

# Special offers | 20. April 2017

In order to maintain general well-being and vitality, all the necessary nutrients that the human body needs should be present in a balanced proportion in the body . In addition, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins, …

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Nutrients for a restful sleep

# Special offers | 28. September 2016

There is a sensible combined mix of selected micronutrients and phyto-extracts in PURE Sleep Formula capsules –  Schlaf Formel von PURE Melatonin and components: the sleep hormone melatonin provides for rapid effects, which is crucial …

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Help for dry eyes.

# Special offers | 1. June 2016

We recommend eye products from Ursapharm . Come to us for advice!

ANGOCIN: nasturtium and horseradish help with infections.

# Special offers | 13. January 2016

The active ingredients in Angocin are mustard oils (isothiocyanates) from nasturtium and horseradish root. They help with mild respiratory and urinary tract infections and thereby directly affect the lungs and kidneys. It works like this: …

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Bath yourself healthy!

# Special offers | 20. November 2015

The weekend is approaching and it is supposed to be cold too. Have you got a cold or would you like to prevent one? Then a warm bath is very relaxing and helpful. Especially if …

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Online-Shop is coming soon