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Drug Price Regulation and the ECJ Ruling

# News | 2. November 2016

Many of you have certainly heard about the ECJ (European Court of Justice) ruling through the media. The consequences are quite far-reaching for pharmacies and patients. Here are the facts: According to this ruling, German pharmacies continue to be subjected to the price regulations for prescription drugs. This means that German pharmacies are not allowed to grant discounts on prescription drugs, which is illegal! However, foreign shipping pharmacies are not subject to this ban!

The drug price regulations ensure that medicines that are subject to prescription, cost the same everywhere, and that the sick do not need to look for the cheapest pharmacy. The local pharmacy is always there for their patients, they give comprehensive advice, provide all medicines, prepare individual formulations, provide a comprehensive emergency service after business hours and at weekends (24 hours 7 days a week) and much more ….

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