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ANGOCIN: nasturtium and horseradish help with infections.

# Special offers | 13. January 2016

The active ingredients in Angocin are mustard oils (isothiocyanates) from nasturtium and horseradish root. They help with mild respiratory and urinary tract infections and thereby directly affect the lungs and kidneys.
It works like this:
The mustard oils are contained in an inactive and unstable form in the plant.
From this inactive form,
the oils are released in the stomach after swallowing through conversion of plant compounds contained in the nasturtium and horseradish. Already in the upper intestinal tract, the oils are then absorbed rapidly and completely into the blood. In this way, the mustard oils eventually reach the excretory organs, the bladder and the lungs, and accumulate there. Here the oils exert their antibacterial and antiviral effect. Since the mustard oils are already absorbed in the upper intestinal tract, deeper intestinal regions remain unaffected. The intestinal bacteria, which is essential for a functional digestive and immune system is not affected.

Various studies show that vegetable mustard oils are effective and well tolerated in uncomplicated urinary tract and respiratory infections. In addition, no resistances have been observed in the mustard oils used to treat these infections.


Regarding risks and side effects, please read the accompanying leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Online-Shop is coming soon