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Special offer in February: mineral salts for your health

# Special offers | 30. January 2016

Health is not just the absence of pain and disease, it comprises our entire physical and mental well-being. Being physically symptom-free, having good moods, beautiful skin, shiny hair – all that goes with it. And all this is related and determined by a delicate interplay of metabolism in the body cells. An imbalance of this harmony falters our resilience; suddenly the weather makes us feel dizzy or bright sunshine pushes us to the limit. At night, we cannot find rest and are irritated and tired. Schüssler Salts (cell salts or mineral salts) can help with various complaints: read more about this in our article  “Schüssler Salts – between Biochemistry and Homeopathy”

Special offer: all mineral salts (80 tablets) for € 3.95

Online-Shop is coming soon


Online-Shop is coming soon