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We stock Dr. Loges products

# Tips | 28. September 2016

Dr. Loges & Co. GmbH develops, manufactures and sells herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies as well as multi-vitamin and mineral supplements. The active ingredients in Dr. Loges products originate either from plant ingredients, or natural products …

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Nutrients for a restful sleep

# Special offers | 28. September 2016

There is a sensible combined mix of selected micronutrients and phyto-extracts in PURE Sleep Formula capsules –  Schlaf Formel von PURE Melatonin and components: the sleep hormone melatonin provides for rapid effects, which is crucial …

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Adaptogens – resisting stress

# Natural healing | 22. September 2016

Adaptogens are substances that help the body to adapt to circumstances when it is exposed to a great deal of stress. We know that adaptogens work at multiple regulatory systems in the body and thus …

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Finally getting to sleep!

# Micronutrients | 8. September 2016

Sleep disorders are very common and the reasons for this are manifold: anxiety, professional or personal stress, anger, age, physical or mental illness, pain, shift work, taking drugs and also a lack of vitamins and …

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(De) Gänseblümchen – Heilpflanze des Jahres 2017

# Natural healing | 24. August 2016

The daisy in Latin is called Bellis perensis and has been chosen by the naturopathic association NHV Theophrastus as the “Medicinal Plant of the Year 2017″. Although, almost everyone knows the “loves me – loves …

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Online-Shop is coming soon


Online-Shop is coming soon