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ARNICA – “Wohlverleih” = Mountain Arnica

# Natural healing | 12. September 2015

Arnica is one of the most famous medicinal plants, a plant of the daisy family which bears yellow, daisy-like flowers. It has many names, known commonly as leopard’s bane, wolf’s bane and mountain arnica, and …

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Why do we need lecithin?

# Micronutrients | 7. September 2015

We also asked ourselves this question and here’s our brief version: It is a natural fat-like substance, and belongs to the group of phospholipids essential to the body. It can be self-produced but only in …

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Do you know Bombastus and its “work”?

# Natural healing | 1. September 2015

Bombastus-Werke was founded in 1904 and produce pharmaceuticals, natural medicine and food. The name was inspired by doctor Bombastus “Paracelsus” von Hohenheim. Bombastus is the only company who completely grows and processes perennial sage in …

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Help with concentration problems

# Special offers | 31. August 2015

ESPRICO® is a balanced diet supplement that can be used for concentration problems and learning disorders in AD (H) D. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids of pure fish oil and virgin evening primrose …

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Tomato extract for your journey

# Special offers | 15. July 2015

TOMAFLOW® Travel Caps support the venous blood circulation when travelling. Maintains the smooth surface of platelets and thereby prevents clumping. Does not affect the normal blood clotting process – the body can continue to respond …

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Fast help for well-groomed feet.

# Tips | 23. June 2015

Our feet are among the most stressed parts of the body. No wonder, after all they bear our whole weight every day! Throughout our lives, every German covers on average 160,000 kilometres on foot – …

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Online-Shop is coming soon